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Track 09 "Teenage Eyes"

Good Keywords After we have worked out what your customers want to buy, we then need to understand how they may be looking for these products and services. What keywords or search terms they may be using to find them via Search Engines.   Analysis of Keywords Keyword Analysis is not just a matter of […]

How Do You Win”Local Customers First”?

Starting Your Local Broadcasting. How Do You Win Local Customers First? Improving B2C customer engagement, #localsearch #localbusiness #b2c Is it First three past the Post?  The way the local businesses get found has changed greatly over the years. The way you get found On-line changes nearly every month. The commercial pressures for local businesses grows […]

How! You Do Business Will Change?

Will Technology Growth Impact you as a B2C? YES How You do business will change Improving B2C Management, . #smallbusinessmarketing #TechTransform #b2c You have less than 7 years to change the way you process your business.  Studies of how businesses control and manage their internal business processes demonstrates it has changed over the last 60 […]

Killer Boss Engagement?

How do you give your customer ammunition to impress their boss? Did You Get Killer Boss Engagement? Improving B2B Engagement, value creation, not revenue extraction. #smallbusinessmarketing #onlinebusiness #b2b With B2B engagement, your customer will have to get their boss to agree? Engagement in a B2B environment is harder than B2C, because B2B relationships are often […]

Time Is Your Money, Tools To Save You Time?

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Are You too busy to get things done on time? Improving B2C, Better time management #smallbusinessmarketing #datacollection #onlinebusiness Two new tools to help You do things Better? 1.      Accounting in the Clouds, (on-line accounts systems). 2.      Field Force Automation, (mobile information Capture). Most small business, whilst having the advantage of being able to respond  quickly to customer demands, […]

Heartbleed Vulnerablity

  Protecting the Stuff that matters.™ You’ve likely heard of Heartbleed over the past week. We wanted to share a bit about what it is, steps we have taken to protect our customers and steps you can take to protect yourself across the Web. Some versions of Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 were […]

Free E-Reminder Service From HMRC

Don’t forget to File your accounts and Annual Returns. I have found this great FREE service that Companies House provide. You can setup an automatic eReminder to prompt you when you need to complete your Annual Returns. We have found this service is great for small business, Just what you need when running a busy company. More […]

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