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Keyword Research powered by MOZ Keyword Explorer
Keyword Research

Discover Keywords with Keyword Explorer

Find new keywords to target and save them to lists. Prioritize your lists by volume, competition and SERP feature.

Keyword Research is no longer a best guess with Keyword Explorer
SERP Feature Analysis and Tracking with Keyword Explorer
SEO Audit & Crawl

Quick site audit

Run a site audit of up to 3,000 pages against any public domain. Find bad links, broken pages, and get an analysis of over 20 factors that may affect search engine crawlability.

Ranking Done for you with your Digital Campaign
SEO Quick keyword rankings

Quick keyword rankings

Track keywords over time and setup email reports. Get out there and prospect some keywords.

Rank Tracker

Rankings Tracked Done for you with your Digital Campaign

SEO Discover link opportunities

Discover Backlink opportunities

Link Analyser with your digital campaign

Find new link building opportunities as you monitor the web for mentions of your brand, products, and competitors and stay up-to-date on the latest topics related to your business.

Analyze your links

Get the data you need for a deep-dive exploration of inbound links, linking root domains, and anchor text. Discover unlinked mentions, find pages with broken links, and see how your link profile stacks up against the competition.

SEO Toolbar


Examine and analyze important search, social, and page metrics on any site you visit - right in your browser.

Moz SEO Software Tools Resources for Smarter Marketing

Download MozBar for Chrome

SEO On-Page Grade

On-Page Grade

The On-Page Grader measures how well a page is optimized for a keyword.

Page Optimisation

Page Optimisation

Get instant insight into your on-page keyword usage with recommendations to help you rank higher and optimize for your targeted search terms.

Page Optimization Tool
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