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SEO Services

SEO Services and how the Customer Journey over lays these skillsets

Our SEO services are the HOW we do the Action and Tasks of any Digital Marketing Campaign.

There are several areas that Search Engine Optimisation can be of benefit to your Company and its business plans.

The areas which are most relevant in today’s internet environment have specific skills and demands to be taken in to consideration.

What is SEO all about?

Search Engine Optimisation is arranging and displaying your content so machines can work out how best to list and explain what you have created.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

When creating your content you should always create it for the human who will consume it, and then look at how best to arrange it for systems to know this too.

What is a Search?

Search is the quest to get information from the internet.

Over time how we get information from the internet has developed,

  • We used to type in words into a search request box on a website.
  • Then we clicked on links on webpages from Desktop computer.
  • Now we use mobile phone and screens to select information.
  • Now with Natural Language Processing (NPL) we speak to request the info.

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s)

These areas are being developed due to the changing nature and sophistication of the search engine’s ability to understand and interoperate a user’s search intent based on the search terms they request ( type, click or speak to ) from the engine.

This has led to more sophisticated ways to present this information back to the user.

Today we are presented information as

SERP’s information Snippets

  • Lists of websites – known as Organic Results.
  • Image carousels – a slideshow of pictures
  • Featured Snippets – a box of highlighted information captured off a webpage.
  • Related Questions/People Also Ask – An expanding List of questions commonly asked.
  • Shopping Adverts – an expanding slideshow of products for sale on web stores.
  • Top Stories – News stories from trusted sources channels.
  • Knowledge Graph – a summarised information box about a Person / Organisation / Entity.

Four Important Ways to Influence SEO information.

  • Local SEO – Looks at your Geographical relevance for a user
  • Technical SEO – Looks at the way your website information or content is presented in a recognised standard, error free and relevant for a user
  • Organic SEO Results – Looks at how well your web page serves the relevant user request
  • Google’s Knowledge Graph – A display panel that holds standard information about a business or person. An entity relating to other entities.
Your Question's about SEARCH
  1. How Customers SEARCH for the things they WANT?
  2. What is SEO really?
  3. Why is it important to your business?

The primary function of your business it to transact with your customers.

In this modern age that will mean being easily found and connected to via the internet and telecommunication systems ie. Smart Phones, ipads, Apps and Programs, Personal Assistants - Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems.

What is SEARCH

How Customers SEARCH for the things they WANT?

The number of ways Customers can Search keeps growing. It used to be simple web Search and the results were given as the top 10 Websites about that subject.

The best information was the desired outcome.

What is your Intent?

Search Engines get smarter every day, they have started to work out and understand what your intent behind the request is. They are starting to pre-empt your intent, and respond before you have asked.

Search by Speech?

SEARCH now can understand Spoken requests and is mastering the art of natural speech.

Responding to spoken requests has change the way we ask for information, it is now becoming a more human way and less typing.

The SEARCH process is being improved for the searches benefit. You have to work at providing the information to best format that the Search engines can provide across all search platforms.

What is SEO

What is SEO really, and why it is important to your business?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the presenting you information in a format that these engines put you first in the list of others, so your customers can easily choose your company.

Your Internet reputation?

Why Keep up to date with SEARCH RESULTS?

SEO Changed in 2018 find out how

Search Engines like to know who has provided the information and do others know who you are.

  • Do others link to your website?
  • Are you on social media?
  • Has anyone wrote about you?
  • Where are you on the internet?
  • Which country are you serving?
  • What other information sources have the same data about you?
SEO Services to select

SEO Services

SEO Tools

Digital Marketing Service Product

Key Feature are

  • Full Website Management.

  • Strategic Planning to make your Digital Presence achieve your business goals.

  • Take on the technical role within your organization, to deliver the business outcomes you desire.

  • Manage Your Digital Marketing Campaign and Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Improvements.

  • Be a focal point for your Social Media activities, Planning, Creating Artwork, Scheduling, Posting.

  • Be the focal point for any on-line advertising, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, Social Media Adverts

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