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SEO Built In Not Bolted On?

SEO is an integral part of what we design?

Improving Business Website Designs. #smallbusinessmarketing

SEO is Getting Found in On-line?

Good Search Engine Optimisation is Key Component for All Marketing.

Happy Pancake SEO Day

So much is written about SEO, and it has been the main buzz word for many design agencies and marketing companies.


The magic built, that quick fix to all search engine sales.

Good SEO takes time to get right and developed over time. It is constantly changing, improving and growing. It is no longer just the web designer’s job to put it into the pages of every site.

Good SEO is really a task for all the company. It’s about were your company is heading and who your customers are, and aligning the overall messages with your Target Audience.

There are two main Types of SEO. On Page and Off Page.

SEO Built in not bolted on

On Page is on every page, in every image, file, directory, and in every Domain Name.

Off Page is in every other website that links to you, every Social Media Network that tells the world who you are, and what you do.

You need a strategy and a plan to stay ahead of the game, and achieve your business goals.

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