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Good Keywords

After we have worked out what your customers want to buy, we then need to understand how they may be looking for these products and services. What keywords or search terms they may be using to find them via Search Engines.Keyword Research


Analysis of Keywords

Keyword Analysis is not just a matter of guess work or pot luck. We can examine Google’s information database to establish which terms are being used. We can then make informed choices as to which terms will serve you best. This gives us the knowledge to choose the “Golden Nugget” keywords which are highly searched each month, and are going to be more commercially beneficial to your business.


Types of Keywords

Longtail Keywords GraphKeywords can be classified into different groups.
•    Highly popular terms – which have greater a number of competitors
•    Mid – Search terms which may be more than two words
•    Longtail – less common terms make up to 70% of searches.


Keywords to Research

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