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Good Web Design,Artistic Master Piece,Technical Document, Your Business Message.

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Designing a website is a balancing act between producing an artistic master piece, a good technical document, and telling your business massage to sell the world you ideas.

Artistic Master Piece,

Is the element that attracts people to look closer, with colour, shape and form. This gives the page a feel for what they are looking for. This is important from a user point of view, because if you choose a colour scheme not associated with your business type, then people may not engage with your website.

A Good Technical Document,

Give’s the pages the right format to deliver the messages quickly, clearly and in a manor that users can understand the content and the context of the page and its subject. It is also important to make it easy to navigate to the correct place on your website to easily find more information.

The balancing act goes further, to make the website accessible to search engine so that they can tell users were to find your business website. You have to give the right kind of signals and accompanying information for them to categories you correctly and then add you to their search indexes.

Also with the proliferation of mobile devices the design now has to scale to differing screen sizes and still function well.

Your Business Message,

Once you have chosen your artistic intent and worked out the technical aspects you want to achieve. You have to tell your story to your business audience.

You have to talk to them with the right kind of language, to convey that you are the right business for them to trust. Giving the user the right signals enables them to start using your business or for them to continue using your products and services.


These three elements work together to make up a good website design.

Get one out of balance and your website will under perform.


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