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Why do some sites work in some browsers but not in others?

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Why do some sites work in some browsers but not in others?

Basic answer:

Why some sites work – Browser compatibility?

Web pages are created with a code called HTML and this instructs the browser how to draw and display the page. The HTML code comes in a few versions which has developed over time.

Some of the older browsers struggle to draw the page with the latest versions of code.

As the internet has grown and the desire to make web pages more attractive to users, the code has encompassed more features and use additional codes and software options which are now available.


Why some site work in some Browsers


Hyper Text Terminal Language (html) is system which allows you to frame written text within elements which are called tags. Each tag is has a specific roll and function laid out within the standard.  Browsers then interoperate the standards and apply them as best as they can.

With some browsers if you have them set to “full screen” or a large window size then when they draw the page and apply the tags this can make some pages change and distort.

A good website designer will check for web design for compatibility, also with the advent of mobile phone browsers,  a more modern approach is to use a “Responsive Website Design” which over comes these problems.



Can I trust my Browser?

A good business will have checked for these problems and utilised a known fix for these. It is important to have your website tested so that people can user your site on the most popular browser types and versions.

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