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How secure are cloud-based systems?

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How secure are cloud-based systems?

Basic answer:

As secure as the password you use on that system?

Cloud-based systems are computers connected together on the internet. The companies that provide this kind of service go to great lengths to secure the computers and networking equipment.

The cloud-based systems employ security at different levels to secure their web solutions

  • User access
  • Account access
  • Server access
  • Networking access
  • Administration access


Cloud based systems are secure
Yes Cloud-based systems are secure



User access: this will be achieved by making the user use a password with a high degree of security.

Making the password scheme to include a minimum password length, with a combination of letters, numbers and special characters.

Account access: by placing each customer into groups with restricted access to applications and storage areas that only that group need to use.

Server access: by providing very large server systems the service provider can get the best use out of the computing capacity from one device, making it more a secure and manageable system.

Network access: By placing the servers in a large controlled environment they can establish a scalable, secure, resilient and protected data centre from which they can grow with the demands of that service, with less customer impact. It also enables this environment to be looked after by the right number of skilled staff around the clock, giving a 24 / 7 service.

Administration access: this element of an administrational service can be controlled giving a degree and quality that makes a seamless end to end experience for the end user and their businesses.



Yes Cloud-based systems are secure, The First line of defense is your password!

From a business point of view you can reduce your operational cost, complexity, and give yourselves a trusted service which can provide a competitive advantage over competitors.

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