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Google The Worlds Librarian

To understand how the Google Search Engine works, you can consider an analogy of a library. where the internet is the Library and the books are website pages of information.

The Librarian can be seen as a search engine, Google being the largest and most used, at present.
Google Books

There are a lot of books and you don’t have all the time in the world to read every book to find out which book has information about a given subject.

If you ask the Librarian they can summarise which books have the information you are asking for.

This would be a list of books. To make this more useful the Librarian would list them in order of relevance to your enquiry.

In order to make this process a great experience Google work hard at giving you a speedy and relevant response. To make this work Google has to work out how to collect the information about the website pages and index them so it can respond quickly to your enquiry.

It also has to understand your enquiry, as in what did you ask for.
Google Librarian

Now Google has been working on this for a long time, ever since it started the search engine service. Over that time it has improved the indexing process and the understanding your enquiry task.

During this time Google has had to overcome being misled by websites, which have tried to represent themselves as something else, and so be placed in a list not relevant to your enquiry. An example of this in the early days of the internet was porn websites.

They pretended to be websites about another subjects.

To overcome these kinds of misleading tactics Google started looking for other Signals as to what the content on that website is about.

The Signals which Google look for are kept a secret to avoid anybody getting round these safe guards. It is now assumed that Google are using over 200 signals for every website page. These will be looking at the On Page Content and Off Page indicators

(What other known and trusted websites are saying about that website).

If you want to know more about how Google is changing here is a list of Google changes.

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