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How Do Your Customers Decide on You?

Are You In The Search Bubble At Your Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)?

Improving B2B customer retention. #smallbusinessmarketing

Can You be Found On-line?

Are You in Your Customers Search Bubble

What B2B Customers Really Search For?

The process of deciding where to spend their hard earned money, Customers are turning to the Internet to find their answers.


To           To find things on the internet Search Engines give these    Answers,  Reviews,  Opinions,  Ratings,   and Adverts.

In recent times the rise of Social Media Networks have also added to this mountain of information.

You need a strategy and a plan to stay ahead of the game, and achieve your business goals.

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The increase in choices, have made the need to understand who your customers are, and what they are looking for, even more important than it had before the internet became a popular information tool.

Google the world’s leading search engine, have studied the sales process and the decision process customer’s follow. Their studies show that there is now an extra step in the path to purchase.

“Google partnered with Shopper Sciences to explore this so-called “Zero Moment of Truth” and identify what’s shaping consumer decisions on the path to purchase”.

Consumer decision making prior to the actual moment of in-store or online purchase — the so-called “Zero Moment of Truth” — has become increasingly relevant. Google partnered with Shopper Sciences to identify what’s shaping consumer decisions on this path to purchase. Some key findings:

  • 88% of U.S. consumers now engage in the “zero moment of truth” prior to making their final decision
  • In 2011 consumers consulted an average of 10.4 new media or traditional sources before purchasing, 2x the sources consulted just the year before
  • ZMOT sources like search engines rank high in the degree of influence they have in the shopper’s decision making

What B2B Customers Really Expect from you?

Giving the right answers your customers are looking for is very important, but if you are not in that “Search Bubble” (in front of your customers, and before your competitors) then they will find it hard to choose you, your products and or your services.


Are You on Your Customers Search Radar?

Knowing who, how and when customers think about purchasing, helps you get in on the search results given to your customers.

Do you plan to be in the running for the next decision Your customers make?


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