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New Digital Marketing Service Product
We are proud to announce our New Service Product, which is part of our Digital Services. as of 2020, Now with Onsite Support. DIGI-PRO is our new onsite support service. Which offers full Digital Marketing Support, Onsite Technical support person for the whole day. Each DIGI-PRO Account will be tailored to the individual customer requirements. […]
Why Your Search Results Need to Keep Up to date in 2019!
Are you being found in SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages)? Search Engines are choosing who will win the “Search battle in 2019”. Search engines will base this choice on your content and whether they can reformat this for users and represent this on their internet platforms. Search Engines are now becoming Information Assistants How you […]
Search better with New Google Search Console
New Google Search Console   What is Google Search Console. Google search console is an online tool provided by Google to assist with Search Engine Optimization, Which looks at your website and informs you of what Google can see and understand about your website? It reflex’s how you could perform in the search results. Improve […]
Digitally Optimize Your Business
2 effortless days a month to Digitally Optimize Your Business Make your business better? Getting your business digitally optimized can be a few small simple steps or an in depth all in composing project. You Choose! Knowing how customers are looking for you on the internet, or what services your peers are offering on the […]
Your Website is like a Company Vehicle.
Your website is like a Company Vehicle. Your website is like a Company Vehicle. It’s not always easy to understand how the internet works. It is changing and developing all the time. Each new search and technical improvement adds another degree of complexity. Each day new marketing puts more information in front of your customers. […]
Mobile First Indexing for your Business
2018 looks like it is going to be the year that the full impact of Mobile First Indexing will be felt. Get a Mobile Friendly Website If you do not have a Mobile friendly website you are not connecting with the 55% of the internet searching audience. This year’s message from Google and other industry […]
How Small Businesses can Survive 2020’s internet changes
The changing face of the internet in 2020 for a Small business. #2020predictions Small Businesses can Survive, the up and coming improvements on the internet. How you find information on the internet is changing. Mobile First Indexing – Mobile friendly website listed Structured Data – labelling for a new Internet search types Machine Learning – […]
Are You Being Found Online, Your 1 good word & 10 new Review Sites
The number of new review website is definitely growing week by week. These middle man services, who offer customers the ability to have their say and voice their happiness or concerns. It is affecting how your business can be found or even seen on the internet. These middle man services are gaining power on the […]
Being found online – Is Adwords getting in your way
Is this cheating when it comes to being found on the internet? Yes from a traditional website search point of view. In the past you made a website as good as you could, interesting to your Customer / Target Audience and Google listed what if thought was best 10 pages that matched your search term, […]
New Suite of Expert SEO Tools
We have access to the very best SEO tools available. Built and developed by Experts in the world of Digital Marketing. The Best SEO Tools for this Modern Internet. Each of these tools have been developed to overcome the complexity of the modern day internet. Discover Keywords with Keyword Explorer Find new keywords to target […]
How Do Your Customers Decide on You?
Are You In The Search Bubble At Your Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)? Improving B2B customer retention. #smallbusinessmarketing Can You be Found On-line? Are You in Your Customers Search Bubble What B2B Customers Really Search For? The process of deciding where to spend their hard earned money, Customers are turning to the Internet to find […]
Social Networking
How to Use Social Networking to your advantage.   Because of the increadable growth in Social Networking, more and more people are using these websites, to connect with each other and share their individual information. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and many more.    these can provide a good platform from which you can […]
What Is Digital Marketing.
Digital Marketing is the Race to be First The term “Digital Marketing” relates to the business process of targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of your products and services, using digital technologies to reach and convert leads into customers and retain them.   Digital Marketing has key objectives of promoting brands, building customer engagement and increase […]
Successful Regional Market Capture Campaign. We have proved that this Marketing campaign works with TFD Dunhams Manchester Auditors and Manchester Accountants We started in January 2011 and by the end of February 2011 they were listing on the 1st postition on the 1st Page of Google for Web, Mobile, and Google Place APPs
Back Links – DUNHAMS – Manchester Accountants
Back Link Example – Dunhams Manchester Accountants.   Dunhams are Sponsors of the club, by having this page and the links pointing back to the website it adds to the count of backlinks that the internet and Google like to see.           Sponsors of North Walkden JFC. Dunhams – Chartered Accountants, […]
Google The Worlds Librarian
To understand how the Google Search Engine works, you can consider an analogy of a library. where the internet is the Library and the books are website pages of information. The Librarian can be seen as a search engine, Google being the largest and most used, at present. There are a lot of books and […]
Web Marketing
Our Web Marketing Service. We provide advice, resources and expertise on how best to promote your business and company website on the Internet, and the modern world of mobile communications. We work with you to create the marketing information and material to engage your target audience. We work together, on developing a marketing plan, which […]
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