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Desired Outcomes Not Just Outputs





One of the primary drivers for our business is to know and understand Your business. With that knowledge we can together workout the key factors which will benefit your business. We can then use that information to point out what  benefits and in what order you want to apply them, giving us the priorities you wish to focus upon.

The areas we would like to look at with You are:-

Your Market Place

The environment you trade in will have important factors which affect how you conduct your business. Also individual market sectors may have legal or commercial constraints controlling them. Finding these out can help us understand what we need to promote your business and what not to concentrate on.


Your Business Goals

Each Business will have an idea of what it wants to achieve next. This may be in a formal Business plan, or just a collections of thoughts about what may need to be done next.

Key Area's

Target Audience / Customers

Out lining who your existing customers are and how many helps point out where you have been successful. This then gives us the next question you would like to ask, “who are your new customers”.


Good Keywords to use

“Keywords” is a term used by Google and other Search Engine Companies to describe the words or phrases used by people wanting to find things on the internet. Knowing the most popular keywords will help us decide which Keywords will work best on your website for your Market Place, and your customers.


Your Business Focus with SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technical term, used in the Internet  and Communications industry.
The basic meaning is to build your website with the design principles of “best practice”, and a focus upon the target audience you want to reach.
This said, the business focus comes from applying the best practice and the need too make the design match your budget and still deliver your business goals.

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