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CMS Website

CMS Web Design Manchester


Content Management System (CMS) Website.

CMS Website is a database driven website. which enables us to build Web sites and powerful online applications for you.


With this type of website you can login and create new page as and when you require them.

The database holds all the information and dynamically creates the pages when they are requested.

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Some of the features you will have.

You can Add, Update and Change,

  • News articles
  • Blogs
  • Poll customers
  • Search your website for content


You can Control,

  • Manage User account
  • Add news feeds and RSS Feeds
  • Add links to other websites
  • Advert management.


The Website database has two main elements,

1. The Frontend

a. Public Pages

b. Restricted Pages (for your internal use).

2. The Backend Administration.

The Website utilizes five software building blocks, called Extensions.

  • 1. Components (applications)
  • 2. Modules (application tools)
  • 3. Plugins (tools )
  • 4. Languages (the ability to have multiple languages on your website).
  • 5. Templates. (files to control the overall look and feel of your website).

It is individually designed to meet your requirement and Customer focused on the market place your business is in.


Starts from £299, dependant upon the complexity and the volume of content you require.

Ongoing costs

Quarterly renewal of Charnwood Webspace and Domain Name Service and Email Account services for £99 per quarter.


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