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This is the Blog page by Charnwood Communcations Team for better understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Enjoy.

GMB Updated, Don’t Miss Out!

Charnwood Comms Updated GMB Website Maintenance Services

You could be missing out! GMB is important to YOUR BUSINESS Google My Business (GMB) is Google’s local business database. This powers Google Maps and The Knowledge Graph cards in Search Results Digital Marketing is knowing where to put your information where customers engage with the internet. This information is judged on Your Businesses Proximity, […]

Search better with New Google Search Console

Search better with Google Search Console

New Google Search Console   What is Google Search Console. Google search console is an online tool provided by Google to assist with Search Engine Optimization, Which looks at your website and informs you of what Google can see and understand about your website? It reflex’s how you could perform in the search results. Improve […]


Reginal Marketing Campign Success

Successful Regional Market Capture Campaign. We have proved that this Marketing campaign works with TFD Dunhams Manchester Auditors and Manchester Accountants We started in January 2011 and by the end of February 2011 they were listing on the 1st postition on the 1st Page of Google for Web, Mobile, and Google Place APPs


Track 09 "Teenage Eyes"

Good Keywords After we have worked out what your customers want to buy, we then need to understand how they may be looking for these products and services. What keywords or search terms they may be using to find them via Search Engines.   Analysis of Keywords Keyword Analysis is not just a matter of […]

Time Is Your Money, Tools To Save You Time?

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Are You too busy to get things done on time? Improving B2C, Better time management #smallbusinessmarketing #datacollection #onlinebusiness Two new tools to help You do things Better? 1.      Accounting in the Clouds, (on-line accounts systems). 2.      Field Force Automation, (mobile information Capture). Most small business, whilst having the advantage of being able to respond  quickly to customer demands, […]

SEO Built In Not Bolted On?

SEO is an integral part of what we design? Improving Business Website Designs. #smallbusinessmarketing SEO is Getting Found in On-line? Good Search Engine Optimisation is Key Component for All Marketing. Happy Pancake SEO Day So much is written about SEO, and it has been the main buzz word for many design agencies and marketing companies. […]