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How secure are cloud-based systems?

How secure are cloud-based systems?

Questions & Answers How secure are cloud-based systems? Basic answer: As secure as the password you use on that system? Cloud-based systems are computers connected together on the internet. The companies that provide this kind of service go to great lengths to secure the computers and networking equipment. The cloud-based systems employ security at different […]

How do I safeguard against viruses?

Safeguard Against Viruses

Questions & Answers How do I safeguard against viruses? Basic answer: To safeguard against viruses Only visit website’s you know and trust! Never download anything from unknown sources! Don’t open emails from unknown senders! Always check the email address emails where sent from not the display name your email address book has shown! I know […]

Can I trust the internet?

Can I trust the Internet?

Questions & Answers How do I know if I can trust information I find on the Internet? Basic answer: Can I trust the internet? The basic answer to this is you have to use your own judgement as to what you are looking at. The internet is an open mostly public domain, which has no […]

Can Customers Plan Ahead?

Planning ahead is marketing. Improving B2C customer engagement, #localsearch #localbusiness #b2c Planning ahead is Digital Marketing It’s time to meet your customer’s demands? It may be difficult to know if consumers plan ahead or just react with knee jerk reactions. The buying patterns your customers follow will be different across different market sectors. Each will […]

Moving You Off The Digital High Street?

Moving you Off the Digital High Street? Google are reported to be demoting websites in their search results that are not mobile friendly. Charnwood Comms Passes Google’s Mobile Friendly Tests   How Not a Mobile Friendly Website Google build a list (Search Indexes) of places that have information about the search request you entered, (this […]

Heartbleed Vulnerablity

  Protecting the Stuff that matters.™ You’ve likely heard of Heartbleed over the past week. We wanted to share a bit about what it is, steps we have taken to protect our customers and steps you can take to protect yourself across the Web. Some versions of Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 were […]

Free E-Reminder Service From HMRC

Don’t forget to File your accounts and Annual Returns. I have found this great FREE service that Companies House provide. You can setup an automatic eReminder to prompt you when you need to complete your Annual Returns. We have found this service is great for small business, Just what you need when running a busy company. More […]

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