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Moving You Off The Digital High Street?

Moving you Off the Digital High Street? Google are reported to be demoting websites in their search results that are not mobile friendly. Charnwood Comms Passes Google’s Mobile Friendly Tests   How Not a Mobile Friendly Website Google build a list (Search Indexes) of places that have information about the search request you entered, (this […]

New Digital Marketing Service Product

Digi-Pro Digital Marketing for Your Business

We are proud to announce our New Service Product, which is part of our Digital Services. as of 2020, Now with Onsite Support. DIGI-PRO is our new onsite support service. Which offers full Digital Marketing Support, Onsite Technical support person for the whole day. Each DIGI-PRO Account will be tailored to the individual customer requirements. […]

Digitally Optimize Your Business

Digitally Optimize Your Business

2 effortless days a month to Digitally Optimize Your Business Make your business better? Getting your business digitally optimized can be a few small simple steps or an in depth all in composing project. You Choose! Knowing how customers are looking for you on the internet, or what services your peers are offering on the […]

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