Web Solutions

A website is no good without the IT infrastructure to support it and we are therefore pleased to offer the following web services:-

Internet connectivity

Broadband or lease line to ensure you have access to the internet 24/7

Web hosting 

In order for your website to be available to internet users, it must be hosted on a secure server.  Ours are backed-up, managed and maintained by dedicated support staff.

Database Solutions

We build bespoke databases to allow the organisation, control and use of information such as customer details with sales history, prospect lists, manufacturing data etc.

Web Marketing

We can help you to exploit the many ways of promoting your website on the internet.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the process that allows your website to be found in the search engines by people looking for the goods and services you have to offer.

Website Maintenance

We offer a range of maintenance packages to ensure your site is constantly up-to-date and being found by search engines.  We also offer a range of reports on website activity, such as number of visitors, most popular pages within the site, length of stay etc.  These allow you to develop your site to best appeal to your target market and thus increase your return on investment.

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