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BySteven M Brown

Are You Being Found Online, Your 1 good word & 10 new Review Sites

The number of new review website is definitely growing week by week.

These middle man services, who offer customers the ability to have their say and voice their happiness or concerns. It is affecting how your business can be found or even seen on the internet.

These middle man services are gaining power on the internet, as they aggregate people’s points of views into one place. This one stop shop approach is offering an easy access option to what could be a genuine benefit to internet users.

These data collection services, can be free to the end user. They may be founded by advertisements and marketing driven data gathering organisations. Making this a financially successful business model for them to operate. Providing them a large digital platform to broadcast onto the internet. Each service will have its own business agenda and may or may not have altruistic values, and this aggregation of reviews could be a force for good or bad, you decide.

Which bring us to the fact that “It’s not just your one good word (website) to be heard but all the other people who review you and your business”.

Don’t rely on Damage limitation, alone.

Grow your good reviews, and answer your critics before they spring up.

Be proactive with Digital Marketing Analysis Keyword Research powered by MOZ Keyword Explorerand understanding how this is changing your business sector, this can make the future more manageable. I can’t see this phenomena reducing any time soon. We have all seen the rise of services like the Uber Transport Company and its impact on the Taxi industry.

As these middle man services grow their ability to stand in your way of you getting the transaction you wanted from the original supplier, and all of this making the middle man service money.

I am sure there will be many more sectors under this kind of pressure of change in the near future.

Trades people, Builders, Electricians, Plumbers, Plasterers and Tilers etc… Are now feeling the impacts of new Reviews site becoming more influential, and traditional Listings companies like Yellow pages are migrating from traditional off line business to online middleman services.


more information from Hobspot

Full Article:- 19 Online Review Sites for Collecting Business & Product Reviews

A small list of the popular review sites

Review Sites for B2C Companies
  1. Amazon Customer Reviews
  2. Angie’s List
  3.  Choice
  4. Trustpilot
  5. TestFreaks
  6. Which?
  7. ConsumerReports
  8. TripAdvisor
  9. Yelp
  10. Google My Business
  11.  Yahoo! Local Listings
Review Websites for B2B Companies
  1. G2 Crowd
  2. TrustRadius
  3.  Salesforce AppExchange
  4. For Online Reviews Both B2B & B2C
  5. Better Business Bureau
  6. Glassdoor
Other Places for Consumer Reviews
  1.  Facebook Ratings & Reviews
  2. Twitter
  3.  LinkedIn

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Don’t rely on Damage limitation Alone


To combat this we now have a Local Business Service to add your business to the Top 10 Data Aggregators in the UK. These top 10 then feed everybody else.

This services places all your information across these top 10 aggregators, monitors and automatically reports and reinstates the correct information should anything change. This is a renewable 12 month service.

We can also take the leg work out of getting customer reviews for you as part of 1 of our Digital Marketing Campaigns. We can collate your customer information and organise this process for you.

Get our assistance

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BySteven M Brown

Being found online – Is Adwords getting in your way

Is this cheating when it comes to being found on the internet?

Yes from a traditional website search point of view.

In the past you made a website as good as you could, interesting to your Customer / Target Audience and Google listed what if thought was best 10 pages that matched your search term, This list is commonly call an organic listing (10 Blue Links).

Being found online

In 2016 Google changes the way it was displaying adverts in its search engine results pages (SERP’s).

On the face of it simply moving the adverts around on the page may not have seemed a big change, however if you now look at the fact that in 2017 over 80% of searches are now carried out on mobile devices, this places the adverts at the top of the screen and in most search case’s only adverts on the small screen, and reduces the number of organic listed websites to about 6 on the front page. It’s harder for users to see the difference between adverts and website listings.

The effects are even greater if the search term is popular (more profitable)

AdWords Screen Shots size differences

The screenshots clearly show how being found online and the big an impact AdWords is having in the mobile view no websites (organic) are listed and are not even displayed without scrolling down.

being found online via Desktop search

Desktop view of a search result for “plumber” 1 top advert and a Local Pack (3 local business) before top 6 website listings

being found online via Mobile search

Mobile view of a search result for “plumber” only 1 advert is view-able (a user may think is this the only answer)

being found online via Tablet search

Tablet view of a search result for “plumber” 4 adverts and no websites view-able with out scrolling down

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s)

With the addition of 16 more additional search feature the space on the front page gets even smaller and with a small screen mobile device it leaves no room at all.

Google is moving more towards answering the searchers questions on the front page of the SERP.

Getting the information from the websites first then showing you the data source (website), as well as sourcing data from other internet places.

How do you keep up with this Data Race?

The Data Race and being found online used to be your website, but now it’s also your images and photos, social media accounts, your adverts, customer reviews and customer review websites, comparison websites, and Listing websites.

More reading:- Are You Making These 10 Common Google AdWords Mistakes?

5 essential ways to compete with Google AdWords

  1. Use AdWords to boost your business
  2. Get Listed in Google Map database
  3. Optimise your website for images and questions
  4. Get reviews to promote your business
  5. Keep evolving and don’t standstill Google will not wait

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Don’t get left behind in the

Data Race

If You want to use 1 of these 5 features above to Move ahead of the Race,

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BySteven M Brown

New Digital Marketing Service Product

We are proud to announce our New Service Product,

which is part of our Digital Services.

Digital Marketing Service - DIGI-PRO Our Digital Marketing Service will "Help You Work Smarter"

DIGI-PRO is our new onsite support service. Which offers full Digital Marketing Support, Onsite Technical support person for the whole day.

Each DIGI-PRO Account will be tailored to the individual customer requirements. Providing the onsite skills needed to achieve your business goals in the digital arena of internet business.

Key Feature are

  • Full Website Management.

  • Strategic Planning to make your Digital Presence achieve your business goals.

  • Take on the technical role within your organization, to deliver the business outcomes you desire.

  • Manage Your Digital Marketing Campaign and Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Improvements.

  • Be a focal point for your Social Media activities, Planning, Creating Artwork, Scheduling, Posting.

  • Be the focal point for any on-line advertising, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, Social Media Adverts

This Service Product comes with a MOZ-Pro Campaign which provides a full range of Digital Marketing Campaign tools,SEO Tools

To Monitor, Track, Provide Expert Insights, Reporting, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Link Building, On-page Optimization, and week by week Rank Tracking.


Start Your Digital Marketing Campaign Here and Improve your Business

Arrange a FREE consultaion

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We will contact you as soon as possible


BySteven M Brown

New Suite of Expert SEO Tools

We have access to the very best SEO tools available. Built and developed by Experts in the world of Digital Marketing.

The Best SEO Tools for this Modern Internet.


Search Engine Optimization ToolSet

Each of these tools have been developed to overcome the complexity of the modern day internet.

Discover Keywords with Keyword Explorer

Find new keywords to target and save them to lists. Prioritize your lists by volume, competition and SERP feature.

Advanced SERP Features for Digital Marketing


Full Digital Campaign

With each Digital Marketing Campaign we are able complete these tasks

Discover link opportunities

Find new link building opportunities as you monitor the web for mentions of your brand, products, and competitors and stay up-to-date on the latest topics related to your business.

Campaign Tracking

Analyze your links

Get the data you need for a deep-dive exploration of inbound links, linking root domains, and anchor text. Discover unlinked mentions, find pages with broken links, and see how your link profile stacks up against the competition.

Campaign Tracking

Fresh Web Explorer

Find mentions of any term on the web

Analyze mentions of your brand, competitors, or any other key term that interests you.

Fresh Web Explorer

Quick site audit

Run a site audit of up to 3,000 pages against any public domain. Find bad links, broken pages, and get an analysis of over 20 factors that may affect search engine crawlability.

Crawl Test

These Tasks can Be A One Off Tests

If you would like us to test any of these features for you ,- We can do these on a one off basis.

Quick Keyword Rankings

Track keywords over time and setup email reports. Get out there and prospect some keywords.

Rank Tracker

On-Page Grade

The On-Page Grader measures how well a page is optimized for a keyword.

On-Page Grade



This is a FREE Download


Examine and analyze important search, social, and page metrics on any site you visit – right in your browser.

Download MozBar for Your Browser

Want to know more

If You would like to know more Please feel free to ask us.

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BySteven M Brown

How Do Your Customers Decide on You?

Are You In The Search Bubble At Your Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)?

Improving B2B customer retention. #smallbusinessmarketing

Can You be Found On-line?

Are You in Your Customers Search Bubble

What B2B Customers Really Search For?

The process of deciding where to spend their hard earned money, Customers are turning to the Internet to find their answers.


To           To find things on the internet Search Engines give these    Answers,  Reviews,  Opinions,  Ratings,   and Adverts.

In recent times the rise of Social Media Networks have also added to this mountain of information.

You need a strategy and a plan to stay ahead of the game, and achieve your business goals.

Help you work smarter, with our Digital Marketing Service.

The increase in choices, have made the need to understand who your customers are, and what they are looking for, even more important than it had before the internet became a popular information tool.

Google the world’s leading search engine, have studied the sales process and the decision process customer’s follow. Their studies show that there is now an extra step in the path to purchase.

“Google partnered with Shopper Sciences to explore this so-called “Zero Moment of Truth” and identify what’s shaping consumer decisions on the path to purchase”.

Consumer decision making prior to the actual moment of in-store or online purchase — the so-called “Zero Moment of Truth” — has become increasingly relevant. Google partnered with Shopper Sciences to identify what’s shaping consumer decisions on this path to purchase. Some key findings:

  • 88% of U.S. consumers now engage in the “zero moment of truth” prior to making their final decision
  • In 2011 consumers consulted an average of 10.4 new media or traditional sources before purchasing, 2x the sources consulted just the year before
  • ZMOT sources like search engines rank high in the degree of influence they have in the shopper’s decision making

What B2B Customers Really Expect from you?

Giving the right answers your customers are looking for is very important, but if you are not in that “Search Bubble” (in front of your customers, and before your competitors) then they will find it hard to choose you, your products and or your services.


Are You on Your Customers Search Radar?

Knowing who, how and when customers think about purchasing, helps you get in on the search results given to your customers.

Do you plan to be in the running for the next decision Your customers make?


You can make this happen for you with our Digital Marketing Service.

BySteven M Brown

Social Networking

How to Use Social Networking to your advantage.


Because of the increadable growth in Social Networking, more and more people are using these websites, to connect with each other and share their individual information.

Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and many more.

Facebook Logo twitter logo LinkedIn Logo

these can provide a good platform from which you can keep customers informed of you business products and services.

also making it easier to pass your information on, helping to create a “buzz” about your new product or your great service.

We are now developing a range of products one for each service, so please keep checking these pages for more information.


BySteven M Brown

What Is Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is the Race to be First

The term “Digital Marketing” relates to the business process of targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of your products and services, using digital technologies to reach and convert leads into customers and retain them.


Digital Marketing has key objectives

of promoting brands, building customer engagement and increase sales through various digital marketing techniques. By choosing the right selection of services, products and brand marketing tactics, all of which predominantly utilise the internet as its core delivery mechanism, including mobile telecoms.


A summarisation of Digital Marketing activities

are search engine optimization (SEO)search engine marketing (SEM), Content marketinginfluencer marketing, content automationcampaign marketing, and e-commerce marketingSocial media marketingsocial media optimizatione-mail direct marketingdisplay advertising, e–books.

The fundamental concept in digital marketing is based on the inbound marketing approach or generally it’s called customer centric approach. It also extends to non-Internet channels that provide digital media, such as mobile phones (SMS and MMS).


Digital Marketing History.

The term ‘digital marketing’ was first used in the 1990s. In the 2000s and the 2010s, digital marketing became more sophisticated as an effective way to create a relationship with the consumer that has depth and relevance. While the term ‘digital marketing’ may not have been used until the 1990s, digital marketing itself has roots to the mid-1980s.

The rapid evolution of digital media has created new opportunities and avenues for advertising and marketing. Fuelled by the proliferation of devices to access digital media, this has led to the exponential growth of digital advertising.

In 2012 and 2013 statistics showed digital marketing remained a growing field.

Digital media growth is estimated at 4.5 trillion online ads served annually with digital media spend at 48% growth in 2010. An increasing portion of advertising stems from businesses employing Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) to tailor advertising for Internet users.

Digital marketing is often referred to as ‘online marketing‘, ‘internet marketing‘ or ‘web marketing‘. The term ‘digital marketing’ has grown in popularity over time, particularly in certain countries. In the USA ‘online marketing’ is still prevalent.

In the UK and worldwide, ‘digital marketing’ has become the most common term, especially after the year 2013.

BySteven M Brown


Successful Regional Market Capture Campaign.

We have proved that this Marketing campaign works with TFD Dunhams Manchester Auditors and Manchester Accountants

We started in January 2011 and by the end of February 2011 they were listing on the

1st postition on the 1st Page of Google

for Web, Mobile, and Google Place APPs

BySteven M Brown

Back Links – DUNHAMS – Manchester Accountants

Back Link Example – TFD Dunhams Manchester Accountants.

This page is a copy of a page hosted upon North Walkden Jounior Football Club website.

TFD Dunhams are Sponsors of the club, by having this page and the links pointing back to the website it adds to the count of backlinks that the internet and Google like to see.






Sponsors of North Walkden JFC.

TFD Dunhams – Chartered Accountants, Manchester Auditors

Manchester Accountants

If you are looking for a team of reliable, approachable  and proactive accountants who will do more than just respond to your needs but work alongside you to help you succeed, you have come to the right place.

We can help you with all of these subjects and more…

Business Serices

Tax and Audit Services

The latest business news for youOur Services
A guide to the services we offerYour Business
An essential resource for all businesses

Your Money
Useful info for the individual

Tax Information
No more tax nightmares

Tax Strategies 
Don’t pay too much tax

Interactive Tools
Handy calculators

Contact Us

11 Warwick Road,
Old Trafford,
M16 0QQ

Contact: Andrew Edwards

Tel: +44 (0) 161 872 8671

Fax: +44 (0) 161 872 0933



VAT No 144 9726 43

Manchester Auditors

Take a Look at their Website for more details

BySteven M Brown

Print Design Services

Print Design Marketing

An integral part of a website is the
graphic design, the “look and feel” of each page.  It is important that all items produced by a company have the same look and feel, and website designs are therefore usually based on the company logo and any items already produced, such as stationery or brochures.

If you don’t already have a logo or company identity, or want to refresh or change the one you have, then we can help.

We can produce new logos and stationery that help you stand out from the crowd, creating the right impression.  We can produce stationery and leaflets/brochures as well as websites, and we can even sign write your company vehicle or premises.

Design Case Study

Mark Jennings Freight Services is a specialist in express light haulage of boxes.  The company wanted a new look and briefed us to produce a new company identity that was modern and fresh and gave the impression of a professional organisation, not “a man and a van”.

We deliberately kept the design simple to keep it “clean” looking and make it instantly recognisable, particularly on a moving vehicle.  The blue box helps the customer to associate the company with the haulage of boxes, and the inclusion of the name “Mark” within it gives scope for future marketing campaigns, for example “marked up for shipment”, “a mark of excellence” etc.